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Amstelveen En Plein Air 2024

Saturday 18 t/m Monday 20 May

Road works A9

Friday 14 till Monday 17 June

Closed Café

Tuesday 21 till Wednesday 29 May

Last weekend Anton Corbijn - MOØDe

Saturday 18 till Monday 20 May

U2 in the museum!

Friday 3 May

Presentation B Academy

Thursday 25 April

Open on Whit Monday

Monday 20 May

Anton Corbijn at Kunststof

Thursday 28th of March

The Week of the Volunteers

Saturday 2 till sunday 10 March

Closed on King's Day

Saturday 27th of April

Successful fashion show NL Mode Academie

Wednesday 28th of February

Road work on A9 highway

Friday 1th till Monday 4th of March

During Easter, the museum is open!

Sunday 31 till monday 1st of April

Museumweek 2024 | Share your museum card

Saturday 30th till Friday 5th of April

Open on Boxing Day

Tuesday 26th December 2023

Future Cobra Museum

The museum remains open!

Cobra 75: Back2School discount

6-27 year olds pay €7.50 entrance fee

Summer promotion: voucher surcharge

Cobra treats this summer

The Other Story

Livestream Opening

Cobra Magazine #5 Korda

Monday 13 December

Cobra Magazine #5 Constant 101

Wednesday 7 December

Festive opening

10 June 2021

Kahlo after work

Open until 10pm