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The museum remains open!

The Cobra Museum remains open!
30 November 2023

We are relieved and together, we are putting our shoulders to the wheel to create a beautiful future for the museum. We are very grateful for the thousands of signatures that have been placed under the petition Houd het Cobra Museum open! This support has not gone unnoticed in the council chamber of the municipality of Amstelveen.

We would love to see you in the museum! On Friday, December 22, a beautiful exhibition featuring more than 200 photos by photographer, filmmaker, and graphic designer Anton Corbijn will open.

Covenant for 1 year
24 November 2023

After a rigorous process involving intensive discussions, the the board of mayor and aldermen (college van b en w) and the Cobra Museum have agreed to facilitate a restart of the museum, but with clear conditions. The museum is given one year for this process. To facilitate this, the museum will receive a financial contribution of €1.4 million for one year. These new agreements prevent the museum from facing bankruptcy. The terms will be documented in a covenant.

In a proposal to the council, the board of mayor and aldermen (college van b en w) requests the council’s approval for the implementation of the covenant, the rejection of the Cobra Museum’s multi-year subsidy application, and the allocation of a one-time financial contribution equivalent to the current subsidy.

Art lover stands up for the Cobra Museum
11 September 2023

Today, it has been announced that a wealthy art enthusiast is willing to assist the museum. Read the full announcement here.

Keep supporting us and Sign the (Dutch) Petition to Keep the Cobra Museum Open!

Future of Cobra Museum in Jeopardy due to Amstelveen City Council Decision
Museum Appeals to City Council
5 September 2023

On September 5th, the board of mayor and aldermen (college van b en w) decided not to provide a guarantee for the museum. This means that the Cobra Museum cannot meet the conditions for a bridging loan from its bank. This puts the continuity of the museum in Amstelveen in jeopardy. Over the past 27 years, the museum has been dedicated to making art and culture accessible to the Amstelveen community. Given this situation, the Cobra Museum urgently appeals to the City Council and the board of mayor and aldermen to continue working together to find a solution to ensure the museum’s survival and its contribution to Amstelveen.

“We are deeply disappointed by this decision. Our hope now rests with the City Council. Wednesday evening, during the public council discussion, we will have the opportunity to speak, and we will let supporters, including Jeroen Krabbé, voice their opinions. This discussion is crucial to convince the council to keep the museum open.” – Stefan van Raay, Director

In 2023, the museum celebrates the 75th anniversary of the founding of the Cobra movement. The Cobra Museum marks this anniversary year with appropriate programming. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, the Cobra Museum has drawn on its reserves. For this temporary financial constraint, the museum found a solution through a credit facility with a regular bank. This naturally requires a credit guarantee from the city of Amstelveen. With these measures, the museum remains preserved for Amstelveen in the long term. However, the City Council (B&W) has decided not to guarantee the museum, putting the Cobra Museum in immediate financial hardship.

The decision by the board of mayor and aldermen (college van b en w) pains us deeply. In recent times, the Cobra Museum has been in regular discussions with the city regarding the museum’s programming and financing. Together, we have worked hard to make the museum more accessible to the Amstelveen community. This includes initiatives like the Cobra Academy for Amstelveen youth (aged 17-25) and the Cobra Children’s Museum. Additionally, as of this year, access to the museum on Wednesdays is free for all Amstelveen residents. In light of these efforts, the City Council’s decision weighs even heavier on us.

The Cobra Museum recognizes that additional steps must be taken to ensure long-term financial stability. Therefore, we remain open to discussions with the city.


Your support makes all the difference! We greatly appreciate your contribution.
All help is welcome, and your donation will assist us in keeping the Cobra Museum open. You can make a single donation (anonymously)? Via the QR code you can transfer your chosen donation to us. Or click here.

Economic Importance of the Cobra Museum for Amstelveen
The Cobra Museum’s budget relies on 60% of its own income from visitors and contributions from the Friends Lottery, Cobra Business Club, and Cobra Founders. The municipal contribution is 40%. The national context of similar museums in other municipalities shows the opposite ratio.
Research from 2021 and 2022 indicates that the Cobra Museum generates a significant economic boost for Amstelveen. With an average of 32% of visitors from Amstelveen and the surrounding area and 66% from the rest of the Netherlands, we can confirm that the museum generated a net contribution of €3.8 million in 2021 and €1.5 million in 2022 for the economy of Amstelveen. Therefore, the municipal subsidy is a healthy investment in the local economy and national reputation of Amstelveen.

Vision and Long Term Policy 2024-2027: Cobra and Amstelveen Connected
The multi-year policy plan for 2024-2027 presents a clear vision. The ideology of the movement remains central: spontaneity, experimentation, courage, autodidacticism, child, and world art at an international level. A diverse cultural program for the residents of the municipality of Amstelveen remains important as always. Since this year, access to the museum on Wednesdays is free for all Amstelveen residents. But consider, for example, the organization of Neighbor Day, exhibitions by artists from Amstelveen, and “Art with a Cookie” for lonely seniors. Or the continuation of the Cobra Academy for Amstelveen youth (aged 17-25) and the Cobra Children’s Museum. In addition, we regularly collaborate with local cultural institutions and businesses, such as DAY Foodbar and Kragtwijk, the Amstelveen Business Association, and our own Cobra Business Club.

The Cobra Museum and the city of Amstelveen share a common passion for art and culture. With an open mind, mutual understanding, and creativity, we hope to continue working together with the City Council. Amstelveen and the Cobra Museum belong together.