Saying farewell to Stefan van Raay - Museum Cobra

Saying farewell to Stefan van Raay

Monday 18 March

Cobra Museum of Modern Art Foundation says farewell to Stefan van Raay as director.

For the past six years, Van Raay has led the Cobra Museum with heart and soul. The museum is very grateful to Van Raay. By connecting Cobra art and the ideas of the Cobra movement with modern and contemporary art from different continents and cultures, he has succeeded in attracting a larger and more diverse public to the Cobra Museum. The Cobra Museum is building on what he established.

Stefan van Raay: “I look back on the past six years with great pleasure, especially because of the enthusiasm, commitment and creativity of my dear and much-appreciated colleagues. And I count the volunteers and the construction crew among them! The board that appointed me in 2018 has always been very loyal. I am grateful to the friends and colleagues from the national but especially the international museum and art world who have allowed me to bring wonderful exhibitions and activities to the museum. In programming, the mission has always been to connect art and culture to current themes that resonate strongly with people. Such as celebrating diversity and inclusion, while stimulating curiosity about fellow human beings and the unknown. I thank everyone whose contributions in any form made this vibrant programme possible, and of course not forgetting the nearly 400,000 visitors who have come to the museum to enjoy the programme over the past six years.”

Stefan van Raay in the exhibition MOØDe, on display at the Cobra Museum until 12th of May
Photo: Roger Cremers