Cobra Magazine #5 Constant 101 - Museum Cobra

Cobra Magazine #5 Constant 101

Wednesday 7 December

From left to right: Zippora Elders, Antonio José Guzman, Antonis Pittas en Kim van der Horst.

In the exhibition Constant 101: The Future Can Be Humance, 40 works by Constant are shown together with new works by Antonio José Guzamn and a new installation by Antonis Pittas. The exhibition is part of the year-long programme Constant 101, in which young and contemporary makers, thinkers and partners from all over the Netherlands respond to Constant’s work and ideas with new work and projects.

Director of Fondation Constant, Kim van der Horst, spoke with Zippora Elders; curator-at-large, artists Antonis Pittas and Antonio José Guzman about the recently opened exhibition at the Cobra Museum.

You can read the full interview here.