Guided tours

On request

The Cobra Museum generally offers three kinds of guided tours. The traditional Art historical guided tour through the collection or the themed exhibition, our unique Slow Art Walk©, and an exclusive tour by one of our curators.

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Take it Slow, Take a Slow Art Walk©

With some museum guided tours, you race through the history of art and are overwhelmed with so much information that it makes your head spin. This isn’t the case with the unique Slow Art Walk© from the Cobra Museum. Together with the participants we stroll peacefully along only a few of the works in the exhibition. We do not tell you too much, but instead pose questions. What do you actually see if you’re willing to really look without prior knowledge? Take a long look. An intense look. What do you see and what do your fellow ‘Slow Art Walkers’ see? Under the guidance of a specially trained ‘Visible Thinking’ tour guide, we discuss the works and if necessary we talk for a bit more afterwards while enjoying a glass of wine.

A customised Slow Art Walk with your own group

Tour duration: 1 hour, excluding talk afterwards
Cost: €92,50 per tour, excl. admission
Maximum number of participants: 15

The Art Historcial Guided Tour

Guided tours through collection or through the themed exhibition for groups

The Cobra Museum’s experienced museum instructors are happy to guide you and your group through the museum. You can choose to view only the display of the permanent collection or to only visit a temporary exhibition. Of course you can also have a guided tour of the entire museum! Get to know the spontaneous, inventive and imaginative art of CoBrA and immerse yourself in post-war painting. Our temporary exhibitions always align with the CoBrA movement while simultaneously forming a new and exciting perspective.

Tour duration: 1 hour
Cost: €92,50 per tour, excl. admission
Maximum number of participants: 15

Exclusive Tour with the Curator

We offer exclusive tours with one of our curators on request. During these guided tours you will learn more about the collection, background stories of exhibitions and behind the scene stories. For true art lovers who like in-depth information.

Tour duration: 1 hour
Cost: on request
Maximum number of participants: 15