For the Love of Things Previously Loved  - Cobra Museum voor Moderne Kunst

For the Love of Things Previously Loved 

Saturday 18 december

Left to right: Karel Appel en Tonie Sluyter. Zittend: Corneille, Nellie Riemens, Constant, Else Alfelt, Shinkichi Tajiri en Jacques Doucet

One more time there is the opportunity to browse through Constant’s household treasures.

Nothing makes you realise that there used to be a time when objects were produced to last a lifetime then when cleaning out the house of someone born in 1920. Most objects found their way to our archive, storage or the auction house but there is a selection of objects that do not fit in either of these categories. In the right home, with the right owner they can flourish once again. From artist materials, crockery to an old record player.

Whether you foster a love for all things previously loved or you are just looking for some quality tools we would like to invite you once more in the weekend of 18-19 December at the Cobra Museum. All proceeds will go to the Constant 101 project.

NB: Normal entrance fee applies and due to current Covid-regulations reserving a timeslot is mandatory! 

Pre-owned treasures by Constant © Fondation Constant