FAQ Covid-19 – Cobra Museum voor Moderne Kunst

FAQ Covid-19

Which exhibitions are on display?
On view are at the moment Karel Appel 100, Cobra & Politics and the exhibition Ben Cobra.

How do I get access to the museum?
You have to buy an online ticket and reserve a time-slot.

I have a Museum card, a membership card, VriendenLoterij VIP Card, a student voucher or another discount card or entrance ticket. Do I also need to book an online ticket?
Yes, you need to book an online ticket/reservation. Take your Museum card, free ticket or membership card with you to the museum!

Can I come by spontaneously and buy an entrance ticket at the box office?
Yes, but we advise you to book online.

Can I visit the museum if I have a cold?
Unfortunately not. In line with national measures, we ask you to stay at home. We would love to receive you when you are completely well again.

What hygiene measures have been taken in the museum?
We provide additional cleaning of contact points and touch surfaces, such as door handles, toilets, taps, lockers and payment terminals. Disinfectant hand gel is available at various locations in the museum.

Do I have to wear a facemask during my visit?
Facemasks are no longer required.

Can I pay with cash in the museum?
Not any time soon. For hygiene reasons, we request that everyone pay contactless.

Amenities in the museum

Is the Museum Café open?
The Museum Café and terrace are both open. We can not take reservations.

Is the Museum Shop open?
The museum shop is open during the opening hours of the museum.


Can I book a tour again from now on?
Yes, we offer tours. For bookings, please contact activities@cobra-museum.nl.

Will lectures, workshops and other public activities take place?
Yes, in line with national measures, of course. Keep an eye on the overview of our activities on our website.

I want to book an education project for this school year. Is that possible?
Yes, you can! Mail to activities@cobra-museum.nl to take an option on a day and time of your preference. Keep an eye on the education pages for more information.


Can I book a reception or event at the Cobra Museum from now on?
It is possible to organize a limited reception or event, in line with national measures. Check out the event page for more information.