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Primary education

The CoBrA artists were mainly inspired by the creativity of children

CoBrA fits in well with primary education because the CoBrA artists were mainly inspired by the creativity they saw in children, by folk art and by non-western art. They created their art in an experimental, highly imaginative and spontaneous way. That’s why children feel right at home in the Cobra Museum. There is no fear here of ‘not being able to draw’. At the Cobra Museum, we know that everyone can draw and we encourage colouring outside the lines.

The CoBrA artists were inspired by their predecessors, the great masters of modern art: Pablo Picasso, Joan Miró and Paul Klee. Now let children become inspired by CoBrA’s Karel Appel, Heerup, Alechinsky, etc.

Museum visit

The Cobra Museum organizes guided tours and workshops for all primary school years, from years 1 through 8.

Educational programmes and teaching materials

Various learning packages are available for primary education. The Cobra Museum also has developed some surprisingly creative educational programmes in collaboration with ‘Laat Maar Zien’.

Contact details for information and school visit appointments
Please contact Nina Montijn
T 020 5475031

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