The Other Picasso. Back to the Origin - Cobra Museum voor Moderne Kunst

The Other Picasso. Back to the Origin

Friday 2 Jun 2023 until Sunday 8 Oct 2023

The year 2023 also marks the 50th anniversary of the death of one of the most famous artists of the 20th century and this will be widely commemorated in France and Spain. The Cobra Museum is also dedicating a special exhibition to Picasso.

The Cobra Museum presents the exhibition The Other Picasso. Back to the Origin, highlighting a lesser-known part of the artist’s oeuvre. This exhibition pays tribute to Picasso and his cultural background, focusing on his love of dance and theatre, his childhood and his fascination with ceramics.

Choose a quiet moment and plan your visit from 3pm. Book your ticket online and get an 1 euro discount.
Pablo Picasso, Mains tenant un Poisson A.R.214, 1953, Collectie Serra, Mallorca, c/o Pictoright 2022

Almost a hundred artworks, including drawings, engravings and ceramic works, are presented from both public and private collections. It also highlights his contribution to ballet and literature. A unique opportunity to discover Picasso’s creative spirit.

Pablo Picasso, Visage de Femme I A.R.616, 13-03-1971, Collectie Serra, Mallorca, c/o Pictoright 2022

To do
Every Wednesday and Sunday, the CoBrA Atelier is open for everyone to get creative. There will also be a workshop with the drawing robot run by Wail Kherriazi, a student in the 2nd class of Keizer Karel College. The museum invites Naja Rasmussen for a lecture and table discussion on machismo in our times. She researched Picasso’s machismo and how he related to (his) women and ‘muses’. Rasmussen is chief curator at Kunstmuseum Brandts in Odense, Denmark.

To accompany the exhibition The Other Picasso. Back to the Origin will be accompanied by a multilingual and richly illustrated publication available for sale in the museum shop.

International collaboration
The exhibition The other Picasso. Back to the Origin is an international collaboration between the Cobra Museum of Modern Art in Amstelveen, Kunstmuseum Moritzburg in Halle (Germany), several Spanish institutes, C2C Proyectos Culturales in Malaga (Spain) and Expona.