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The Cobra Museum has an own art collection since the founding in 1995. This collection has now grown to over 2000 objects. The vast majority of this collection is in the depot, an art storage facility not open to the public where it is preserved under optimal conditions. The Open depot presents parts of the extensive collection on display here. It is not a permanent exhibition but a rotating, dynamic presentation. In addition to making the collection accessible, it also offers a look behind the scenes. New acquisitions and collaborations will be given space to be shown here.    

The museum’s collection policy is based on Cobra art. Besides the official Cobra members, there is also an emphasis on the artists who collaborated with them or were influenced by them. They can also be seen in this changing presentation. In addition to paintings and sculptures, the collection includes work on paper, ceramics, textiles, photography, films and archival material.  

Within the Cobra movement, besides unanimity, there are also contradictions and differences of opinion among its members. These different views and visions create a wide range of artistic expression. The Open depot gives visitors room for new comparisons and connections.  

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Foto: Niels Vis