Jonas Ohlsson's Summer School: class of '21 - Museum Cobra

Jonas Ohlsson’s Summer School: class of ’21

26 - 30 July

Atelier CoBrA
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  • Fifth edition of Jonas Ohlsson’s Summerschool @ Cobra Museum
  • Special guest artists: Sands Murray Wassink & Mami Wata (aka Rachel Tokromo)
  • Four and a half days of drawing with a festive opening with DJ Ike (Bijlmers own James Dean) on the fifth day
For information about the programme of this year, please download HERE Jonas Ohlsson’s letter to all participants.
Summerschool met Jonas Ohlsson

Practical information

Class of twentytwentyone starts on Monday July 26 at 10am. The program lasts 5 days, everyday from 10am till 5pm (the festive opening on Friday will start at 4pm till 6.30pm. The workshop is in English and Dutch.

Total participation costs are €275 (included are some materials, coffee/tea, entrance to the museum).
You bring your own sketchbook and pencils to the class.

Everyone older than 18 years may join our Class of twentytwentyone, there is no special knowledge required. Participants will receive a schedule and further clues a week prior to the workshop.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate and mail to stating “Summerschool”.

Summerschool met Jonas Ohlsson

About the artists

Jonas Ohlsson (1967, Örebro, Sweden) is an artist, and maker of drawings, installations and objects. He is a composer of music, and writes and performs as Blodfet & DJLonely. His art is as versatile as his artistical practice. Next to music, provocation and humor other important themes in his work are seks, drugs, politics and street culture. Ohlsson’s background in electronic music penetrates his artistic process, where a big part is reserved for intuition and free association. Jonas also teaches at the KABK, and Design Academy in Eindhoven. He also thaught and given workshops in Boston, Rio de Janeiro, Sydney, Los Angeles, Aruba, Xiamen and Geneva.

Mami Wata (aka Rachel Tokromo), who will provide a warm up before we start drawing…
“Free your ass and your mind will follow.”

If drawing is an extension of the hand & the body…
It is also important that you land in your body before
you start drawing…
This work out/warm up/meditation session lands you in your body and sets you up…for GREAT drawings!


For a moment feel the energy as it courses through your body, feel the pulsating strength of it. When you are able to stay in the awareness of this energy, you are basically able to contain it in your being without being dragged around by it. You will notice that this energy has the capacity to provide a sense of power within you, a sense of strength and vitality, a sense of courage, a raw sense of invincibility and “heroism” – no other energy known to humans has the ability to in still such a sense of power…… I am talking about the PUM PUM Power! 🔥Let’s get in touch with our Playful and Fi(e)r(c)e Self through Body Movement! aka Let’s set our PUM PUM on fayah through whining! In this gathering we use Body Movement to have a check-IN with Self and to indulge in I AM FEELIN’ MYSELF energy.

Music on Friday afternoon by DJ Ike (Bijlmer’s own James Dean).

Guest artist and lecturer in 2021

Sands Murray-Wassink (born 1974 Topeka, Kansas, USA; based in Amsterdam since 1994). Favorite quote: “I’m not through gathering courage.” His work is as simple and stripped down as possible. He believes art is about making space for yourself and others in the world.
The work of Murray-Wassink comes directly out of and is in line with feminist art of the last century, especially the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s…When Sands was 19 the artist Carolee Schneemann was his teacher and this crossing of paths changed his life and developed into a 25 year friendship and lesson in courage. His trinity of influences also includes artists Adrian Piper (rigorousness) and Hannah Wilke (spontaneity). The personal and the domestic are foundational and political for him. His main art materials are relationships, behavior, thoughts, feelings and emotions. Everything visible or physical is a trace…

Sands is a painter, body artist (performance, writing) and perfume collector. He calls what he does deconstructed – embodied – philosophical – theory and is with his work in direct dialogue with artists both living and dead. Sexuality / pleasure, intersectional politics, mental health (Sands is manic-depressive and especially depression is a major theme in his work), and “how to be an artist” in relation to the art market are all themes in his work. Despite years of marginality in the institutional art world, Sands is now finishing a 2 year collaboration with the Amsterdam organization and is at this moment one of a pool of advisers to the Mondrian Fund.