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Cobra Pakt Uit! | The story behind the art : HOME Art Project.

Saturday 25th of March

Saturday, March 25, 3 p.m.
Admission free (regular admission prices apply when visiting the rest of the museum).

What does the word “home” really mean? People of 139 different nationalities live in Amstelveen. Where do their thoughts go when they think of ‘home’? Artist Stephanie Rhode set out to photograph people of each of Amstelveen’s 139 nationalities. For her HOME Art project she makes 139 photographs of people, captured as they think of ‘home’. 139 people with their own story. A first part of these photos can be seen from March 10 in the Cobra Museum’s Voordrachtzaal. On Saturday afternoon, March 25, Stephanie Rhode will tell about her project, about her search for people of all nationalities in Amstelveen, and photographed participants will speak.

Foto: Stephanie Rhode

Her HOME Art Project has brought Stephanie Rhode, herself from Amstelveen, into contact with many different people. Behind every encounter is a story, which she tries to capture with her photography. During the lecture Stephanie will tell more about her working method, but she will also let the photographers themselves speak. What did it mean to them to come into contact with Stephanie and to be part of an art project? And what exactly is “home” to them?

Foto: Stephanie Rhode

Visual artist Stephanie Rhode has a great curiosity about how people outside her environment – from other backgrounds, cultures or countries – view social issues or life questions. Through exchange with different people, she constantly creates new art projects, which take shape in installations, video, performances, photography and drawings. These bring out both the similarities and diversity of people.

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