Cobra Pakt Uit! | Live at Cobra - Cobra Museum voor Moderne Kunst

Cobra Pakt Uit! | Live at Cobra

Saturday 29 July

Cobra Pakt Uit! | Live at Cobra

Date: Saturday 29 July
Time: 14.30-16.30
Entrance: Free

14:30 Avinash
15.15 Rae
16:00 Zach

On Saturday 29 July – during the Cobra Pakt Uit! weekend – you can enjoy live music at the museum café. The programme features several singer-songwriters, each with their own musical sound. These musicians push the boundaries of traditional musical styles and blend them into a sound all their own.

Avinash Pandey
Avinash is an Indian-born singer-songwriter, based in Amsterdam. Drawing inspiration from RnB, pop, and soul, his music is a unique fusion of genres that creates a sound that is both fresh and timeless. His songs convey emotions and stories of love, life, and the human condition, resonating with listeners on an intimate level.

Rae Charmaine
Rae is a Zimbabwean-born singer-songwriter based in Amsterdam. She uses her singing and music to express feelings that most people feel but cannot convey. She combines her melodies and lyrics into a musical journey. The music that she plays is a mix of jazz, blues, reggae, soul, R’n’B with African influences.

Zach Steiner
Zach Steiner is an American singer-songwriter, his songs are biting and vivid interpretations of his emotions and experiences. Sometimes vicious and furious, sometimes painfully honest and vulnerable, his sound is Roots Americana at its core. He likes to call his sound Gutterfolk, a blend of Country, Folk, Blues and Bluegrass with a pinch of Gypsy Swing.