Atelier CoBrA - Cobra Museum voor Moderne Kunst

Atelier CoBrA

Every Sunday 11am - 2pm

Because my six year old nephew can do that too!

Every Sunday between 11am and 2pm

Atelier CoBrA: The Cobra Studio for kids

When adults critize a Cobra art piece with phrases like “my six year old nephew can do that too!” we and the Cobra artist see that as the ultimate compliment.That was the intention of the Cobra Artist. That’s why we have Atelier CoBrA, an artist studio for kids. So they can inspire us.

At the CoBrA Studio there is always paper and pencils on the table for you to make a drawings inspired by the artworks of the museum. Be creative, do draw! In addition, children can walk in every Sunday between 11am and 2pm to work with creative assignments under the guidance of artistic volunteers. Parents can view the exhibition in the meantime. No need to reserve and it’s free!

Atelier CoBrA can also be rented for groups of children or adults.
Tel.: 020-5475031