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Interactive guided tour for PABO education

Our experienced museum teachers explain different methods from art and museum education. In the first part of the program, the museum teacher takes the students through the exhibition. Using various examples and works of art, students learn how to connect children with visual art and heritage in an inspiring and valuable way. The second part of the program is reserved for making an assignment.

Practical information
For whom: PABO students
Duration: 2 hours
Price: € 175 per 15 students
(incl. museum admission)

Thematic tour

Within the creative sectors of the MBO, good vision and knowledge of art and design are important. You can practice this in the Cobra Museum. Our experienced museum teachers can adapt their tour to a specific MBO sector. For example; Fashion Design, Make-up & Hair or Media Design. Thanks to the changing exhibitions, which are often socially engaged, there is always something to suit the curriculum.

Practical information
For whom: MBO students
Duration: 1 hour
Theme: in consultation
Price: € 65,- per 15 students
(incl. museum admission)