Amstelveen Triennale 2024 - Cobra Museum voor Moderne Kunst

Amstelveen Triennale 2024

Saturday 18 May 2024 until Sunday 7 Jul 2024

The ninth edition of the Amstelveen Triennale will open at the Cobra Museum on Friday 17 May 2024. The Amstelveen Triennial is a three yearly manifestation in which professional visual artists living or working in Amstelveen are given a stage. Since 1998 this event is organized by the Cobra Museum and this year once again in collaboration with our cultural partners Museum JAN and Platform C. From more than 60 entries, a jury consisting of employees of these institutions chose recent work of 21 artists.

The Triennale aims to offer a professional platform to artists working and/or living in Amstelveen and to give the public an overview of the state of affairs in local visual art. The exhibition provides a cross-section of art practice in Amstelveen. Triennale took place in 1998, 2001, 2004, 2007, 2010, 2014, 2017 and 2024

This exhibition shows the richness of local art practices in all their diversity. In addition to former participants, the Amstelveen Triennial also shows surprising newcomers who together cover a wide range of forms of artistic expression: from painting to installation and from video work to printmaking. There is conceptual art, such as an envelope-shaped rug, as well as experiments with materials and traditional themes ranging from landscape to interiors. In terms of content, the selection also includes works that show an engagement with topics related to migration and language, such as a harness made of wood and a hard foam fist. There are also several paintings highlighting the theme of trauma and the role of the subconscious, in both figurative and more abstract translations.

Special thanks go to the Municipality of Amstelveen, for its generous financial support and of course to all Amstelveen artists, without whom there would be no Amstelveen Triennial.