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zondag 18 jan 2015 t/m zondag 19 apr 2015

foto Peter Tijhuis
foto Peter Tijhuis

100 years Asger Jorn

zondag 28 sep 2014 t/m zondag 18 jan 2015

100 years Asger Jorn: Traces, The Secret of Art, A Way of Making

by Fredrique Bergholtz & Maria Pask

foto Peter Tijhuis
foto Peter Tijhuis
foto Peter Tijhuis

From the Guggenheim to the Cobra Museum

zaterdag 5 apr 2014 t/m zondag 31 aug 2014

From the Guggenheim Collection to the Cobra Museum of Modern Art, celebrates a vital phase in the history of the Guggenheim Museum.

From the Guggenheim Collection to the Cobra Museum of Modern Art celebrates a vital stage in the history of the Guggenheim Museum, a decade in which post-war modern art and society radically changed. The Cobra Museum presents art that was purchased with foresight in the 50s by Johnson Sweeney for the Guggenheim Museum. Sweeney spoke of ‘tastebreakers’: artists that ‘break open and shift our artistic boundaries’. Some of these works of art were shown in 1959 during the legendary opening exhibition in the iconic building by Frank Lloyd Wright.

The Cobra Museum of Modern Art will exhibit 51 paintings and sculptures from the collection of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York, in which a selection from the core collection of mid-century art from the famous museum can be seen in the Netherlands for the first time. Apart from American greats such as Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko, Willem de Kooning and Sam Francis, there are also works by lesser-known international pioneers like William Baziotes, José Guerrero, Conrad Marca-Relli, Georges Mathieu, Kenzo Okada, and artists who participated in Cobra: Pierre Alechinsky, Karel Appel and Asger Jorn.

From the Guggenheim Collection to the Cobra Museum in the media:

“Spectacular exhibition. […] The need to paint ‘freely’ still splatter from the canvases.”
Trouw *****

“You couldn’t often see your Pollock, Alechinsky or Reinhardt this good before. Well-chosen. Hung splendidly.”
Volkskrant *****

Het Parool ****

‘Guggenheim naar Amstelveen’ (Guggenheim to Amstelveen), interview with American curator Tracey Bashkoff, in NRC (Dutch).

Kamabade’s show

maandag 3 feb 2014 t/m vrijdag 14 feb 2014

Kamabade’s ‘The big we have everything to lose’ show

Kamabade, consisting of Artists David Bade and Kamagurka, spend two weeks in and outside of the het Cobra Museum to work on their Monument of loss. With a mobile ‘loss’ unit and an old ambulance, Kamabade drives through Amstelveen to a landfill, a nursing home, the Town Center Plaza and community homes to collect the stories, objects and the ‘loss’ from the inhabitants of Amstelveen. With this they build their monument in the museum. During construction, visitors are welcome to watch and share.

Ambulancier is a great profession!