Buying and changing tickets - Cobra Museum voor Moderne Kunst

Buying and changing tickets

Do I need to book a ticket online?
We advise to book a timeslot online.

Holders of, among others, the Museum Pass, ICOM, Stadspas and Friends Card should also reserve their tickets online. You will not be admitted without a reservation.

I have a Museum Pass; do I still have to make an online reservation?
Yes, even with a Museum Pass you need to book a free timed ticket. Please bring the Museum Pass and show it in the museum.

I have a VriendenLottery VIP CARD; do I still have to make an online reservation?
Yes, even with a VriendenLottery VIP CARD you need to book a free timed ticket.

I want to buy a ticket for the exhibition, but I cannot find this option. Why can’t I buy a separate ticket for the exhibition?
You can visit the entire museum with a valid timed admission ticket, as we want to give all visitors the opportunity to see the other exhibitions and collection presentations as well.

Why do you recommend booking tickets online?
We cannot guarantee admission without an online reservation. The interest in the museum and the exhibition exceeds the available capacity of the building. To allow as many people as possible to enjoy the art safely and pleasantly, it is important that visitors are spread out throughout the day. Therefore, we use timed tickets. The advantage is that there is little or no waiting time at the entrance, and there is enough room for everyone to enjoy the art in peace.

I have a timed ticket but prefer to come earlier/later, is that possible?
It is not possible to enter the museum earlier or later than the reserved timeslot. However, it is possible to change the timeslot.

Can I change my online ticket(s)?
Up to 48 hours before the reserved visit day and timeslot, we are happy to help you find a new time for your visit. Rebooking tickets is only possible if a new date and time are available. Please note: do not book tickets for a different date yourself, because other people will not be able to come to the museum then. Please contact us via the contact information at the bottom of the page.

I want to cancel my ticket, what should I do?
Tickets purchased online are non-refundable. Up to 48 hours before your visit, it is possible to change tickets to another date and time, subject to availability. Please contact us via the the contact information at the bottom of the page.

Can I book by telephone?
Unfortunately, it is not possible to reserve tickets by telephone. Order the tickets easily and quickly through our website.

Each ticket has the same name on it. Is that a problem?
No, that is not a problem. The ticket shows the name of the person who placed the order and paid. Each individual ticket has a unique barcode and QR code, which is scanned at the entrance.

Do I have to print the ticket?
You can print an online ticket, but you don’t have to. You can also show the ticket on a mobile device at the entrance. If you have a discount card, such as a Museum Pass, you have to show this as well.