Japanese workshop by painter Yuriko Yamaguchi - Museum Cobra

Japanese workshop by painter Yuriko Yamaguchi

Friday 25 Mar 2022 until Friday 25 Mar 2022

Friday 25 March, 10:30 am - 4 pm

Please note: the language of this workshop day will be Japanese. Open for all Japanese speaking adults and their children from the age of 4.

Location: Cobra Museum, Nemo Sabo and SABK.
Costs: € 5,- excluding entrance fee to the museum and lunch

Do you like painting and would you like to work and meet with the Japanese- American artist Yuriko Yamaguchi? The Cobra Museum, Jacop and SAKB organize a workshop together where you will get the chance to paint with Yuriko Yamaguchi, learn more about her work and show your own painting in a very special exhibition at SABK. The workshop was created especially for the Japanese community of Amstelveen. The spoken language is Japanese and the workshop is open to adults and their children from 4 years onwards.

Yuriko Fujima Yamaguchi, Europe, Ragnarok.

In the exhibition Humanity’s End as a New Beginning Yuriko Yamaguchi shows thirty of her water colour paintings at the Cobra Museum. Her inspiration for these artworks came from thirty myths that were collected by the Amstelveen-based emeritus professor Mineke Schipper. These old stories tell us about what would happen if our world, and we as humans, would disappear and come to an end. Story tellers and artists have been fascinated with this subject for ages. And what if this end would be the beginning of a whole new world, what would that look like? Yuriko Yamaguchi is concerned about climate change and pollution and the way we handle the earth. Her work is also a call for taking good care of our world.

More information about the exhibition by Yuriko Yamaguchi you can find here.

Yuriko Yamaguchi (Japan, 1948) is a painter and sculptor. Her work is exhibited in various museums and galleries in the US, Japan and Europe. She has also been commissioned to make works for public spaces, for example at Washington Dulles Airport. The special collaboration between Yamaguchi and Schipper already led to an exhibition in Japan in 2018. The work was also shown in the US and in the Dutch city of Leiden.

Schedule workshop, lunch and exhibition

10:00 am – 10:30 am: walk-in
10:30 am – 12:30 pm: workshop at the Cobra Museum. Yuriko Yamaguchi tells the audience more about her work and her paintings. Under her guidance participants will create their own painting.
12:30 pm: we go to Nemo Sabo
1:00 pm – 2:30 pm: lunch at Nemo Sabo with the workshop participants and Yuriko Yamaguchi.
2:30 pm: opening of the exhibition of the works made by the workshop participants at SABK. The opening will be performed by Yuriko Yamaguchi.
2:15 pm – 4:00 pm: option to have a look at all the works of your fellow workshop participants and enjoy a drink.

If you like your painting can remain in the exhibition until the end of the month, so more people will get a chance to see your work.

Costs: € 5,- per participant for the workshop plus a museum ticket (regular prices € 15,- for adults /€ 9,50 for children, see this page for an overview of discount options). Lunch at Nemo Sabo at own costs.


Instructions for booking:
1. Choose the date: 25 March
2. Select the time: 10:00 am
3. Select your ticket type(s) for museum entrance
4. Select the workshop time: 10:30 am
5. Follow the further instructions