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Talking, scrawling and splattering

Within this curriculum, students learn about engaged art. The artists of the Cobra movement were often criticized for their way of working. Critics thought it was just scrawled and splattered. With the school processing assignment, students do research on an engaged artist or create their own engaged artwork.

Practical information
For whom: OB, all levels
Duration of guided tour: 1 hour
Theme: Committed art
Price museum visit: € 65,- per 15 students
(incl. museum entrance)
The teaching package is free of charge.

Lesson materials available for free

My roots, my story

In a preparatory lesson students explore their own cultural background. This can be part of the Cultural Self-Portrait (CZP) for CKV. During the tour, students gain insight into how artists also often use their own cultural background in creating work. This all serves as inspiration when creating their own artwork. Through this workshop, students interact with each other about their cultural background and create a mixed media style artwork in groups of two and three. After the workshop students reflect on their experiences using a ready-made lesson plan.

Practical information
For whom: all levels of secondary education
Duration: 2 hours
Theme: Art and culture
Price: €200 per 15 students
(incl. museum admission)

Lesson materials available for free