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Cobra Holiday Club 
During the Cobra Holiday Club, the children are introduced to current exhibitions and engage in creative activities related to them, such as making a large collaborative Corneille work. During this morning the children receive fruit and a sandwich before being picked up again. The Cobra Holiday Club is concluded by the Great Red Carpet Show. The children show what they have made and display it on a real red carpet in the museum. Parents buy a ticket for their child(ren) for all 3 mornings. This allows this group to really get to know each other and new friendships are formed!

Practical information
For whom: BSO, 4-10 years
Duration: 3 mornings

Regular: € 90,-
Amstelveenpas € 65,-
(incl. museum admission)

The Cobra Holiday Club always takes place during a school vacation. Check the website: for current dates.