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Masterclass Claude Cahun

8 - 12 November 2021


This is a private event

From 8 to 12 November 2021, the Cobra Museum welcomes students of the Fashion department of the Rietveld Academy and students of the Master Gender Studies of Utrecht University. They will take part in a four-day master class on the artist Claude Cahun, whose work will be on display in the exhibition Under the Skin – Claude Cahun until 9 May 2021. The masterclass will be led and moderated by artists Anouchka Oler and Marni Slater.

Please note that this is a private event. Registration is not possible.

Supported by
The masterclass is sponsored by the Algemeen Nederlands Verbond, the Gerrit Rietveld Academy and Utrecht University.


Participants become familiar with CoBrA artists like Karel Appel and Asger Jorn, and other modern artists such as Jean Dubuffet. Be inspired by works of art in the Cobra Museum’s permanent collection. The artists of the CoBrA movement were guided by the material with which they worked, by the spontaneity and unpredictability of it. This is how we will also work in this workshop. What story or theme does a particular work of art tell you? The ultimate result will be a personal work of art!

You can choose from the following workshops:

  • Experimental painting. Don’t think, do!
  • Clay Masters. Lose yourself in clay and sculpt your way to an object!

Practical information
These workshops are only upon request.
Costs: €25 per participant, including all materials, excluding entrance fee
Group: minimum 10, maximum 20 participants
Workshop duration: 2 hours
Send requests to or call Nina: 020 5475031.

Winter School with Tyas Leeuwerink

4, 5 & 6 January 2022


Winter School will be back in 2022. This edition focuses on developing a “personal manifesto”, and will be instructed by Tyas Leeuwerink!

Summerschool met Jonas Ohlsson

At the three-day Winter School at the Cobra Museum of Modern Art, you will work in an investigative manner, both individually and in groups, examining your own conviction and expressiveness within a personal manifesto and looking for the form that best lends itself to it. How do you relate to this time, place and society and how do you give shape and content to your thoughts? Together with our teacher Tyas Leeuwerink you will explore the creative experiment, and how to translate your own convictions into works of art.

By focusing on daring and experiment, we are working on a series of works, and a selection works by the sutdents/participants will be shown during the last day of the Winter School in our Cobra Studio.

Summerschool met Jonas Ohlsson

Practical information:
Dates and times: 4, 5 and 6 January 2022, from 10 am to 5 pm
Language: Dutch and English
Costs: € 150 per participant (including materials and coffee/tea, an exhibition and festive opening)
Registration: available later this year.

There are a limited number of places available. Everyone from 18 years old is welcome to participate in Winterschool ’22, no prior knowledge is required. Participants will receive the timetable and further instructions one week prior to the Winter School.

For specific questions about the program, send us an email at with the subject “Winter School”.

Tyas Leeuwerink

About the Instructor:
Tyas Leeuwerink (1989, Amsterdam) is an artist and teacher at various leading museums in Amsterdam, such as the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum. He studied visual arts teaching and obtained the title of Master of Fine Arts at the art academy. Within his work as an artist are the effect of the creative process, the moment of insight and working with light and dark recurring themes. In his visual work, he uses various techniques, including projection and moving images.

Guided tours

On request


The Cobra Museum generally offers three kinds of guided tours. The traditional Art historical guided tour through the collection or the themed exhibition, our unique Slow Art Walk©, and an exclusive tour by one of our curators.

Would you like more information about a tour or want to book a tour?
Please contact our coordinator
Tel.: 020-5475031

Take it Slow, Take a Slow Art Walk©

With some museum guided tours, you race through the history of art and are overwhelmed with so much information that it makes your head spin. This isn’t the case with the unique Slow Art Walk© from the Cobra Museum. Together with the participants we stroll peacefully along only a few of the works in the exhibition. We do not tell you too much, but instead pose questions. What do you actually see if you’re willing to really look without prior knowledge? Take a long look. An intense look. What do you see and what do your fellow ‘Slow Art Walkers’ see? Under the guidance of a specially trained ‘Visible Thinking’ tour guide, we discuss the works and if necessary we talk for a bit more afterwards while enjoying a glass of wine.

A customised Slow Art Walk with your own group

Tour duration: 1 hour, excluding talk afterwards
Cost: €92,50 per tour, excl. admission
Maximum number of participants: 15

The Art Historcial Guided Tour

Guided tours through collection or through the themed exhibition for groups

The Cobra Museum’s experienced museum instructors are happy to guide you and your group through the museum. You can choose to view only the display of the permanent collection or to only visit a temporary exhibition. Of course you can also have a guided tour of the entire museum! Get to know the spontaneous, inventive and imaginative art of CoBrA and immerse yourself in post-war painting. Our temporary exhibitions always align with the CoBrA movement while simultaneously forming a new and exciting perspective.

Tour duration: 1 hour
Cost: €92,50 per tour, excl. admission
Maximum number of participants: 15

Exclusive Tour with the Curator

We offer exclusive tours with one of our curators on request. During these guided tours you will learn more about the collection, background stories of exhibitions and behind the scene stories. For true art lovers who like in-depth information.

Tour duration: 1 hour
Cost: on request
Maximum number of participants: 15

Special opening hours for vulnerable visitors

maandag 26 okt 2020 t/m vrijdag 26 mrt 2021

Every Monday


From 26 October onwards, the Cobra Museum of Modern Art will open its doors especially for vulnerable visitors. During these weekly openings on Mondays visitors can visit the museum in a more safe environment, meet each other and learn more about the artworks through introductions by our museum guides.

During the corona crisis it is of great importance to attend to the vulnerable people in our society. With these special opening hours the Cobra Museum wants to offer vulnerable people a safe way to visit the museum and meet each other. To ensure a safe visit the museum will lower the maximum amount of visitors allowed than during regular opening hours. The special Monday openings are made possible by a generous contribution of the Kickstart Cultuurfonds.

Practical information:
When: every Monday from 14 until 16 hours (from 26 October onwards)
Costs: regular entrance fee. Entrance is free of charge with a.o. the Museum Card.
Tickets: reservation is mandatory. Book your ticket via this link.

Visitors with a ticket can enter the museum via the cafe from 13.45 hrs. Last entry will be at 15.30 hrs.


This Cobra Drawing Tour is specially designed for BSO groups during the school holidays and is suitable for all ages.

First, the children look at some of the artworks and get a short introduction to Cobra art. Then they pay extra attention to the Cobra creatures that can be found in the museum. After that, they get to work by trying to draw Cobra creatures. Everyone draws at their own level.

Finally, the children go to Atelier CoBrA to make their own final artwork. There, they invent their own Cobra creature. This creature is drawn with crayon on black paper.

BSO, children aged 4-12 years / 1 hour / Max. 15 children, minimum 1 supervisor / €100 (including entrance fee)


For children, the Cobra Museum organizes fun, creative parties! During a birthday workshop at the Cobra Museum, the children start working as a real artist. And of course we work in the spirit of CoBrA: spontaneous and experimental. They can tamper and are encouraged to color outside the lines.

Beforehand, the birthday party can choose between making a painting assignment (with acrylic paint on a real canvas) or a spatial workpiece with all sorts of exciting materials. In the museum, a few CoBrA works of art are first viewed and discussed. After that, the children go to work themselves. When the workpieces are finished, they are discussed in the group. Of course, the artworks can go home afterwards.

Age: 6 to 12 years.
Participation: a maximum of ten children.
Duration workshop: ninety minutes. Cost: € 200, – (including admission, materials and a drink).
We appreciate it if parents remain available during the workshop. During the workshop they can then visit the exhibitions or stay in the Museum Café. It is also possible to order a birthday cake in the café afterwards.

Want more information about our workshops or book a workshop?
Please contact our coordinator for tours & activities.
Tel .: 020-5475031

Atelier CoBrA

Every Sunday 11am - 2pm


Because my six year old nephew can do that too!

Every Sunday between 11am and 2pm

Atelier CoBrA: The Cobra Studio for kids

When adults critize a Cobra art piece with phrases like “my six year old nephew can do that too!” we and the Cobra artist see that as the ultimate compliment.That was the intention of the Cobra Artist. That’s why we have Atelier CoBrA, an artist studio for kids. So they can inspire us.

At the CoBrA Studio there is always paper and pencils on the table for you to make a drawings inspired by the artworks of the museum. Be creative, do draw! In addition, children can walk in every Sunday between 11am and 2pm to work with creative assignments under the guidance of artistic volunteers. Parents can view the exhibition in the meantime. No need to reserve and it’s free!

Atelier CoBrA can also be rented for groups of children or adults.
Tel.: 020-5475031