Jonas Ohlsson's Summerschool: class of 22 - Cobra Museum voor Moderne Kunst

Jonas Ohlsson’s Summerschool: class of 22

18-22 July 2022 - 10.00-17.00

18-22 July 2022 – 10.00-17.00 hours
Price: € 275 per person (including materials, coffee/tea and entrance to the museum; excluding sketchbook and stationery)
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This event is in Dutch and English.

Participants will receive the schedule and practical information one week before the event.

Summerschool Cobra Museum

Sixth edition of Jonas Ohlsson’s Summerschool @ Cobra Museum

Special guest lecturer: Wafae Ahalouch

Four and a half days of drawing and party presentation with DJ Ike

Take a journey through your own creativity together with artist Jonas Ohlsson! Discover the intuitive power of the image and go in search of their own creative instinct. This edition focuses on the role of logic: good art needs logic as well as intuition, how do they go together? Guest lecturer and artist Wafae Ahalouch will give an introduction to her work Soul Solitude that she made especially for the exhibition The other story. Modern Maro Wafae Ahalouch will give an insight into her own way of working: how do you tell a story in a visual work and bring inspiration, thinking and doing together in a collage?

Wafae Ahalouch
Femke Doove Portret of Wafae Ahalouch

Soft Spirituality

‘Following my work Soul Solitude featured in the exhibition The Other Story, I want to give participants an insight into my way of working. How can you tell a story in a visual work by letting your inspiration, thinking and doing come together in a collage. Playing with shapes, colors and narratives and putting them together is a way to engage in a creative process.

I want to see if we can make abstraction and figuration, symbolism and spirituality connect. By choosing an extra dimension from a composition of basic geometric shapes, elements of earlier drawings get another layer of meaning. Abstracting by possibly enlarging visual elements from the drawings made can lead to surprising new narratives.’

Soul Solitude
Soul Solitude – Wafae Ahalouch
The program consists of substantive lectures in art and philosophy and lots of drawing. The Summerschool will be concluded with a festive presentation of the works made by Class of 22. The total costs are 275 euros per participant (including materials, coffee/tea and a festive presentation).

The REMIX of logic and intuition, the hearts and the minds

The previous editions had a strong focus on play, intuition and flow. We will continue to do that, but this summer we are moving on to the next stop in our journey. We are going to explore the side of logic and try to bring about the marriage between intuition and logic (hearts & minds).

This marriage of logic and intuition is a bit like my own parents’ marriage: mom was a hippie, dreamy and intuitive and believed in ghosts. Daddy was an accountant, loved the craft of art, skill was important to him and he could draw well himself and he loved logic and math.

This summer we are going on a trip with Daddy and we are going to try to arrange a marriage between logic and intuition. And that is for the first time, because the focus during previous editions was always on intuition. Often also because that is much harder to develop than the logical side. But you need both to be able to make REALLY good art.

The question then is…HOW do you arrange the marriage between your own logic and intuition?

AND what are the differences between those two sources of strength?

And perhaps their weaknesses as well?

Summer school Cobra Museum

We will get to work remixing your own drawings. We will use our inner logic, free association and our own analytical eye to create a remix of the drawings we have made with flow and intuition. Cutting and pasting is a natural process of remixing your own drawings and bringing them to new insights. And it’s extra exciting when you cut and paste your own personal drawings (instead of anonymous imagery from newspapers and magazines).

About Jonas:

Jonas Ohlsson (b. 1967, Örebro, Sweden) is an artist and creator of drawings, installations and objects. He composes music and writes and performs as Blodfet & DJLonely. His art is as versatile as his artistic practice and is characterized by provocation and humor. Collaboration also plays an important role: drawing and making music together with others to achieve new surprising results. Ohlsson’s background in electronic music permeates his artistic process, where much of it is reserved for intuition and free association. Jonas also teaches at the KABK and Design Academy in Eindhoven. He also gave workshops in Boston, Rio de Janeiro, Sydney, Los Angeles, Aruba, Xiamen and Geneva.

About Wafae:

Wafae Ahalouch (1978, Tangier) graduated from the HKU Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht in 2001, followed by residencies at De Ateliers and the Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten, Amsterdam. She has received national and international recognition in the form of several grants, stipends and awards, including, in 2003, the Koninklijke Prijs voor Vrije Schilderkunst. She has participated in several solo and group exhibitions at venues including Club Solo, Breda; Billboard Festival, Istanbul and Casablanca; Museum Arnhem; Framer Framed, Amsterdam; Marrakech Biennale 5; FIAC, Paris; Musée de Marrakech; Castle Marquardt, Potsdam; Young Artists Biennale, Bucharest. Her work is included in several public and private collections in the Netherlands, Belgium and France.


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